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Check out what some of our Adkids are up to:

Autumn did a wonderful job on her shoot for J.C. Penny


Harmony shot a commercial for Proctor & Gamble


Our adorable ZIon shot for Viacord, the company that does umbilical cord blood banking & research


Our Ad Kids are continually shooting for Toys R Us


Sophia does a fabulous job in her commercial that is airing nationally for Silk Fruit & Protein


Marcus shot for FAO Schwartz


Great job to Tarrell who shot for Land of Nod


Ad Kids is really proud of our talented singer Cameron who did a fabulous job on his audition for the Broadway musical "Kinky Boots" - Music & Lyrics by Cindy Lauper


Huggies, Huggies & more Huggies


Great Job Rosalie on your 1st job.  You really are a Gerber baby


AD KIDS adorable Connor is in the movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


Cole shot for LG


Congratulations Joseph who shot for Arm and Hammer


AD KIDS very handsome bothers Elijah and Isaiah are in a Land Of Nod catalog.


Connor is in a PLAYSKOOL Bounce and Ride commercial


Levi is in a national ad for ALLSTATE Insurance


AD KIDS twin brothers Gabriel and Shawn can be seen in an upcoming LAW & ORDER SVU episode


Beautiful AD KIDS Alavisi shot for McDONALDS 




Jayu will appear in an episode of 30 Rock


Ciara shot for Babies R Us


Madison and Jacob shot for Similac


Xander shot for Fisher Price


Briyanna shot for Oscar Mayer Lunchables



Saleh shot for Adler School


Nemanja shot for Kindermusik


Joshua shot for Toyota NASCAR


Sebastian shot for Sesame Street


Connor and Jerry shot for Playskool


Paulina shot for Amway


Steven & Sophia shot for Huggies (Goodnites)


More recent Auditions: Kellogs, Accenture, DKNY,Strawberry Shortcake, Milgard Windows, Xbox, Capital One, Maury Povich, Delta, Lands End, Men In Black 111, Hillshire Farms, Detroit 187, & Pledge...to name but a few


Elias was quite the professional on his shoot for Barilla


Matayo shot for Humulog diabetes medication. It was fun outdoor shoot  


Great job Alex who shot for Bristol-Myers Squibb


Recent auditions: Pampers, Strwaberry Shortcake, McDonalds, Holiday Inn, Fritos, Kraft, an HBO series, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) video, feature film "Something Borrowed" starring Kate Hudson, Target, Southpole clothes, Juicy Couture, Forensic Files, LG, just to  name a few 


Terrific job to Isla, Maliah, Shaylin, Megan, Charmin, Angela, Anthony and Tyler on their Huggies Shoot


Jennah did a fabulous job on her first shoot for Huggies Little Swimmers


Congrats to Gabriell, Braylon, Isabella, & Kilam on their shoot for Weebles


Great job Sara Beth and baby Caroline for Oragel shoot.


Luca shot an ad for a diabetes medication from Beyer 


Nectaria shot for Lenor Laundry Detergent


Great job to Andrew who shot for Thomas the Tank Engine


Recent auditions: Nickelodeon, American Eagle, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Sears, Dixie Cups, Radio Flyer..to name a few 



Congratulations to malaya and Karys who shot for Huggies


Liam just shot fort the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire starring Steve Buscemi


Look for Riley in the new GOT MILK ad.


Joe and Oneca (from our Adult Division) shot for the movie Right Hand Man


Also from our Adult Division, Krisma and Ousha shot for a new Bollywood movie


Patrick shot for Chef Boyardee


Finley shot an ad for Carters


Congratulations to all the kids that shot ads for Playworld Systems


Gabriel just shot for H & M


Great job to all the kids that recently auditioned for the following companies:

Cherios, Nickelodeon animated series, Eggo Waffles, IKEA, McDonalds, Meridian Health Systems, Gap and Baby Gap, National Aquarium, Animated Storyboards, Sears, "Eat, Play, Love" starring Julia Roberts, Yahoo Eldercare, Flumist and Carters.


Steven and Daniel just shot for Law and Order

Raphael is in a Rubiks Revolution Ad

Kevin shot for Kolcraft

Sebsatian and Armando just shot for Meijer Superstore

Check out the Adkids at Huggies Pure and Natural

Connor and Victor shot for Sorcerers Apprentice directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, starring Nicolas Cage.  Due out summer 2010.

Great job to Courtney, Veronica and Payton on their shoot with Hillary Duff on an upcoming Law and Order SVU Episode.

Suraj is currently appearing in an Old Spice commercial starring Tony Stewart, the race car driver.




Kevin just shot a commercial for Whirlpool appliances

Congratulations to our kids that just shot for Ikea

Great job Jenna who shot for Lollytogs clothes

Fingers crossed for our kids that just auditioned for the movies "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Son of America"

Congratulations to Mari and Aiden on their recent shoot for Huggies Wipes

Fingers crossed for Samantha on her look see for Johnson & Johnson's Gold Shampoo

Great job to Kevin who just shot for Kolcraft crib mattress

Kimora shot for Boostrix pediatric medecine

Karen just auditioned for teh new Disney movie "The sorcerer's Apprentice" starring Nicholas Cage

Big snaps too all the kids who recently auditioned for Samsung, Veramist, Gold Bond,

Friendlys, Burlington Coat Factory, Playtex, Jordache, Dora the Explorer, and Saturday Night Live. 

Antonio is in the January 2009 issue of Baby Talk magazine.  He appears in a snowsuit in a full page ad.

Brandon and his mom are both in a print ad for The Olympics.

Alex is in the movie "Nothing Like the Holidays".

Isabella is currently shooting a movie titled " Love and Other Impossible Pursuits" starring Natalie Portman.

Clarissa and Abigail will be shooting a film title "Tempest" with Felicity Jones.

Shyann worked for Babies "R" Us.

Sierra is currently appearing in a commercial to promote a new W.E.T.V show called Little Miss Perfect.

Erin shot a Mota Pharmaceutical commercial.

Cole shot for Animated Storyboards.

Kimora just booked an ad for Bootrax immunizations.

Suraj shot a commercial for Old Spice aftershave.

Good luck to Lamont for Samsung

Fingers crossed for our kids that auditioned for Gold Bond, Benadryl & Dora the Exporer.


Alyssa had a great shoot for Animated Story Boards

Congratulations to Gabriel and Yasmin for shooting for Fisher Price. Gabriel shot for their Learning Table and Yasmin shot for a Doll House

Good luck to Tequan, Elisha, marshayne and Mikyeal on their audition for a New York Life commercial

 Congratulations to Jose, Bronson and Ruben who just auditioned for Disney.

Great job to Jennifer, Kenahl, and Ruben who just shot for Kolcraft

Brickend auditioned for Gosher's Candy

Great job to all the kids who auditioned for: 

Gap and Gap Kids



4-H Clubs

Babies R Us

Lyndex Clothing Line


Shane shot a print ad for Lunchables

Brolin shot for Solo Cup

Edmund and James did a TLC promo (on canvas) with possible print.

80 of our girls just booked an Adero Music Video

Jade just shot a Chase Bank ad.

Kayla just shot for Downy Fabric Softner

14 babies just booked Gerber

Angelina and Jacob just shot for Sprint

7 Kids auditioned for Bennetton

Russell’s mom just shot a Hyatt commercial

Congratulations to Amir, Naomi, Abdalla & Diego who shot for K-Mart

Alex is having a blast shooting for a new movie "Humboldt Park" by the producers that shot the "Barbershop" movies.

Congratulations to Isabella who appears in the movie trailer for a new film titled "Never Forever".

Good luck to all the kids that audition for Verizon, Soft Scrub, Omnaris, Babies R Us, Huggies, Johnson & Johnson, Bennetton, Eisa Pharmaceuticals, Chuck E Cheese, Hamburger Helper, Upper Deck Baseball cards, Dove Soap, Baby Wipes, Geranimals, Nike and Burlington Coat Factory.

Our kids also audition for lots of TV promos for Bridezilla, Sundance TV promo, the short film "How Cute Can It Be", Disney promos, Sci-Fi promos and One Life to Live!

Congratulations to Rowan, Abigail & Aedreanna on their shoot for the Feb.2008 & April 2008 issues of Parenting Magazine.

Great job to Lucas, Aila, Nathaniel, Perla, Haven, Mitchell & Brighton on shooting for Gerber.

Congratulations to Luis for being one of Nestles Good Starts new faces.

Tristan is appearing in an ad for a new ADHD drug called Vyvanse. The ad is in most national publications. Tristan is the very handsome young man sitting at a desk wearing a white golf shirt and holding a pencil.  

Congratulations to Aila on her shoot for Tide Naturals Detergent.  

Great job to both Jennifer & Aiyanna on their shoots for Childrens Memorial Hospital .

Samil shot for American Baby Magazine.

Ysai shot for H & M.

Fingers crossed for Alex & Tristan on their second call backs for Pepsi.

Michael can be seen in the trailers for the new movie The Nanny Diaries starring Scarlett Johannson.

Noyoze, Kahlah, Rashad, and Ty all shot for Pampers Cruisers that will be coming in June.  One of them will be on the cover.  We'll keep you posted.

Isabella and her mom Amy just shot for Parenting Magazine.

Joanna shot for Baby Talk magazine.

Jorge will be appearing in a Williams Sonoma catalog.

Travis is in the Babies R Us catalog.

Isabella is on the packaging for a new walker from Kolcraft.

Grace shot for Promega Resaerch Firm.

Congratulations to Mya on her shoot for Stanley Steemer.

Good luck to all the kids who auditioned for Sam's Club.

Cameron and Isaiah shot for a T.V. Land promo.

Congratulations to our newest Gerber Babies, Oceanah, Mya, Hannah, Roman, Zhorrin, Judas and Gabrielle.

Joseph, along with mom Tanya and dad Michael will be appearing in a playground scene in MTV's new show The Human Giant.

Arrington was beautiful in December's Child magazine.

Joseph was in a Pilsbury commercial.

Brian and Ty shot a print ad for Disney.

We'll know soon if Joseph is going to be the new voice of Boots, the monkey from Dora the Explorer.

recent Auditions: Toys R Us (packaging), Hasbro, American Baby Magazine, Babies 'R Us, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Parents Magazine, Kool-Aid, IKEA, & Baby Einstein.

Isabella will be auditioning to be Dakota fanning's body double in her latest film.

Scarlett shot a commercial for Johnson & Johnson.

Congratulations to Tommy for landing the cover of American Baby magazine.

Danny will be appearing soon in an a Frisches Big Boy commercial.

Dylan and Michael just shot a national commercial for  Virgin Mobile.  They also shot for Fairy Fabric Softener which will be airing in Europe.

Robert shot an ad for Hasbro Toys Air hockey that will be on a Playschool cover in November 2006 and in the Christmas Toys R Us toybook.

We love our cover kids.  Isabella is on the cover of NY Press magazine.

Great job to the dozens of AdKids that shot for Scott Foresman these past weeks along with some of their parents.

Abby is on the packaging for Lamaze Hug-A-Boo Bear that can be found in Babies R Us.

Great job Alex for his recent shoot for American Family Insurance

Congratulations to Michael who will be appearing in the September2006 issue of Knitting For Babies magazine.

Stamley will be appearing in a US Mint Coin Collection commercial that will begin airing in September 06.

Great job Robert, Lyniah and Hannah on their shoot for Lamaze packaging.  

Jaden just shot for Kolcraft Potty Seat.

Nya and Nyesha modeled for the Energie clothing line.

Kevin, Justin and Shane shot an educational video on Drinking and Driving.

Auditions this week included a movie tiled "The Brave One" starring Jodie Foster.

A special shout out to Ashley, Megan, Mitch, Liam, Ashford, Avi, Taylor, Ryan, Alex, Samantha, Wesley, and Saalar on jobs well done for Scott Foresman.

Look-sees this week were for:

Ann Taylor

American Baby



Hasbro Toys



Darryl shot an episode of Law and Order SVU.


Marc and Zoe just shot a new Nanny Diaries film.  


Thomas is in an ad for iVillage.


Daniela, Joquan, jasmine and Brian are all in Educational Films.


Darryl, O'Malley, Keenan, and Reggie are all new ABC Kids.


Great job for all our Fit Models for Ann Taylor, Sears, Gap ( Glo Jeans). 


Fingers crossed for the kids who auditioned this week for the new movie Happy Feet.


Also good luck to the kids who auditioned for Wal Mart, American Baby, McDonalds and Babys R Us.

Congratulations on such a great job for Scott Fossman textbooks to Kyra, Alan, Nick, Bassandra, Alex, Anisa, Joel, Humberto, Francesca and Chelsea.

Fingers crossed for Jovanna on her recent auditions for Friendly's Restaurant, Elmers Glue, Sears and Guaranty Bank.

Avery just shot for Do Re Mi and You catalog.

David booked for Shure products

Daniel shot for a new breast cancer drug.

American Baby loves AdKids kids and keeps on booking them.

Recent Auditions included: 

Justin for New Balance

Jon & Alex for Verizon

Too many to mention for Hasbro and Olive Garden

Nicole for Sprint

Kevin, Brain and Tori just shot an educational video.

Kendra, Jonathan, Samanda, Justine and Angelique shot a rock video titled Penny Four Eyes.

Michael, Jaqueline, Nickolei, Danny and Shakeem shot an ad for Clear and Clean.

Andrew shot a movie titled The Nanny Diaries.

Jeffrey, Kevin, Andrew, Justin and Gabriella just shot for Houghton-Mifflin

Cassidy was a fit model for Ann Taylor.

Fingers crossed for Kameryn who is in the running for a movie pilot called "Enemies".  

Chris landed a national commercial with ChuckE Cheese.

Steven and Mia feature in a Prevacid ad.

Congrats to Sophia for the Idea Nueva- packaging

Auditions this month include, Super Baby (DC Comics), Walmart, Target, Exelon and Fischer Price.

Daniel just auditioned for a movie titled "Where the Wild Things Are".

A big shout out to Dominick for landing a Sears advertisement placed in the following magazines:

May - American Baby

May - Child

May - Bundle

June - American baby

June - Wondertime

June - Pregnancy

Congrats to Julissa for booking a print ad for Harcourt Inc.  

Congrats to Jack and Valentina for booking a print ad for Sears.

Congratulations to Raymond for shooting an Industrial for Emerson Electronics.

Cameron and Adeline just shot for Kolcraft for product packaging.

A big shout out to Dominick and Valentina for shooting a catalog print ad for Sears.

Anthony and Kalvyn just shot “Reading Intervention” by Scott Foresman

Look out for Chris, who just shot for a new movie titled “1-9” starring Heather Graham and Alec Baldwin

Congrats to Antonio for booking a voice over for Big Brother Ad Council.

A big shout out to Felix, Tykesia, Angelique, Kayleigh, Tori, and Mark for shooting a Nickelodeon program titled “Search for the world’s funniest mom”.

Yeah to Emma for booking a print ad for Wal-Mart Catalog.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Chris, possibly booking a Chuck E Cheese commercial.

Look out for Daniel in the Dimetapp commercial airing now.

Congratulations to Joseph.  He landed the March cover for American Baby.

A big shout out to KJ for booking a print ad in American Baby.

Alex just shot an ad print for Big Brother through the Ad Council.

Congrats to Dia for shooting a print ad for Cooper Imports catalog.

Konnor and Isabella just shot for Vitamin Baby Clothes.

Fingers crossed for baby Isabella and mother Amy - they just shot for Johnson & Johnson.

Congratulations to Yadira for booking an Ad for Hoffman York.

 Aiden and Peter just shot a hang tag for Kolcraft Enterprises.

 A big shout out to Charles for shooting a commercial for Famous Footwear.

Congrats to Mathena and Katrina for booking a Toy print ad for Zizzle.

Adeline, Abraham, Bernabe, Martin, Maiah, and Kameron all shot for a Gerber print ad.

Congrats to Johny, Adrianna and Gregory for shooting a commercial for the Center For Disease Control.

50 Ad Kids just shot for upcoming issues of "Reading Intervention", by Scott Foresman.

Kevin, Jen, Ethan, Mary, and Katelyn were all part of a print ad for Abbott Labs.

Dylan, Alexa and Austin just shot a textbook print ad for Quarizan.

Congratulations to Valentina, Kimik, and Ayanna for their photos appearing in "Your Gerber Baby" Magazine.

"Kank " and "Janeman " are two new feature films from Bollywood that we have to date booked over 50 kids and parents.

Univision Booked Brittany.

Sheila, Sally Matthew and Drew just shot a new feature film titled Off the Block featuring Nick Nolte. Some lucky parents will also appear in a scene at an up scale cocktail party.

We also have several children modeling beautiful children's clothing on www.puravidanyc.com.

A big shout out to Daniel for just shooting a Dimetapp commercial and good luck on his upcoming shoot with Ernie Hudson in the movie "Man in the Silo".

Christopher just shot a commercial for Chuck E Cheese.

Congratulations to Megan for shooting a Comcast national commercial.

Jennifer, Gina and Kyle are shooting a movie about The Beatles to be released next year.

Paul will be appearing in the 4th episode of Law and Order titled "Bible Stare".

36 of our kids will be appearing in Campbell's soup commercials which will air during the football season.

Varja and Christy are in print ads for Babies R Us.

Congratulations to Sequoia and Floyd on shooting a commercial for the NBA.

Congratulations to Danny and Kameryn whose Motts commercial is having a terrific run.  Remember: It's fortified.


Yeah to Andrew for doing a print ad for Ann Taylor.


Tiffany, Gary, Giocondo, Taliber and Chris did promos for the Oxygen channel.

Felix shot for VH1's "Save the music".


Our kids are shooting a new movie called "Half Nelson".


We're constantly booking Adkids and their parents for the new Comedy Central series "Stella".


Gabrielle has just been booked for a national Huggies campaign.


Jacob is on coupons for Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Lotion, as well as in Parents Magazine.


150 of our Adkids parents are booked for a new game show on TVland.


Alivia had a photo shoot for an ad for Sony.


Nathanial had a great time shooting for Scott Foresman.


Daniel will be shooting an industrial for Walgreens.


Good luck to Melody who is in the running to shoot a movie due out in the fall.


Julia and Ben were part of a a recent photo shoot for the Learning Curve.


Andrea appeared in an episode of Third Watch. She told us that she had a BLAST being an actress all day!


Congratulations to Daniel and Kameryn!  They are in the new commercial for Motts apple juice.


Egypt, Chelsea, Adure, Jeona are in ads for Target.com.


Daniel did a fantastic job reading for the coming Superman movie.


30  Adkids are in an NFL commercial.


Kameryn, Katie, Tyler, Sophia, Madison, Mya, jennifer and Ethan are new models for Carter's.


Fortune had photos shot for an ad for Motrin.


Jailin starred in a commercial for Illinois RX.


Ambrosa and Angela shot for the film PULSE.


Halia, Rachel, Tyler, Matt and Kaitlin ere part of a recent photo shoot for the Learning Curve.


Jonny, Anthony, Jacob and issias had a great time doing their photo shoot for Scott Foresman.


Ginger, Anthony, Jacob and Luca are all in ads for Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime and Mylecon.


The One Step Ahead Catalogue loves Adkids!.  Congratulations to Dylan, Alyssa, Ayla, Jacob, sarah, Madeline, Cameron, Kameryn, Brandon, Daria, Nicole, Emanuel, Kaylin, Allison, Morgan, Damon, and lily.  great job!!!


Ariel, Angel and Katya shot a commercial for a Teacher’s Union.


Look for Trinity and Kimiko in the University of Chicago Hospitals commercial.


Monique was in a Outcast Video.


Nicholas did a commercial for May Company.


34 Ad Kids and their parents shot for the film Angel.


We have GERBER BABIES!!!! Congratulations to Lucas, John, Lian, Sydney and Paige for shooting a print ad for Gerber.


12 Ad Kids shot for the movie Ghost Dance.


Alexia, Kameryn, McKeely, Daniel, Donovan, Laura, Haley, Johnny, Anthony, Delaney and Mark all did an incredible job in the Target Halloween costume fashion show which aired on WGN morning show and NBC morning news!!!


Kira was in a First Response commercial.


Emma, Spencer and Rachael looked great on the WLS morning show modeling MAC makeup for Halloween.


Nina and Lisa were in a promo for the TLC show What Not to Wear.


Congratulations to Kalan.  She played the role of Ernest Hemmingway’s sister in a documentary film about Hemmingway’s life.


130 of our Ad Kids and their parents were in a commercial for Major League Baseball.


One of our Ad Kid Mom’s, Dana actually played a mom in Tiffany Evan’s music video. Tiffany was the winner of last years Star Search.


The Orange Cell Phone commercial has 34 AdKids in it.


Ad Kids shoot regularly for Houghton Mifflin and McGraw Hill Text books


Look for Mario and Desan on the packages for Huggies Pullups!


Emanuel is on the Pampers packaging.


Stephanie did a print ad for Phillips Medical.


Aaron is on the cover of Christian Parenting Magazine.


Yulia was in a fashion show for Matrix- L’Oreal.


Almer was in a Hewlett Packard print ad.


Chase did a photo shoot for American Baby magazine.


Gabrielle did a photo shoot for Huggies.


21 Ad Kids had a blast appearing on MTV.


Justin did an awesome job for Vics Vapor Rub.


Look for Kameryn, Isaiah, Jennifer, and Emily on the boxes of Shure products puzzles.


Liliana, Katie, Ethan, Kameryn, Andrea and Molly all did a print ad for a new Huggies wash mit.


Michael was chosen to be in a Sara Lee Commercial he also can be seen in a Comfort Inn Suites Hotel commercial.


Pampers booked Nakaiel, Charyelle, Alize, Illiana, Kayleigh, Marleni, Danielle, Chrishara and Madeline for packaging.


35 of our Kids performed in Nickelodeon Home Videos. They are the Curious Buddies videos due to come out in January.


Nicole is on posters and brochures for Turtle Wax Car Wash.


Michael is in a Comfort Inn Suites Hotel commercial.


Ariel did a photo shoot for Pampers.


We have over 75 kids in the upcoming One Step Ahead and the Leaps and Bounds catalogs.


Jacob, Cameron, and Noah all did a photo shoot for Huggies.


Seth and Gabriella  worked for the Learning Curve.


Eric did a photo shoot for Kym Abrams’ annual report.


Zahi is one of the babies in CVS’ diaper display.


Shanae is on hang tags for SEARS.


Our employees are responsible for finding children that have appeared in either print ads or television commercials for the following companies.
(Partial List)
AT&T Marshall Fields
Beech Nut May Company
Bright Start College Fund Mead Johnson
Carter's Motts
CBS Nickelodeon Home Videos
Christian Parenting Magazine Nikon Camera Corporation
CVS One Step Ahead
Comfort Inn Suites Pampers
Commonwealth Edison Phillips Medical
Discover Card Sara Lee
Disney Scott Foresman
Eckrich Sears
Ed's Pies Shure
Gerber Target
Huggies Texas Children's Hospital
Illinois RX Toys 'R' Us
Johnson & Johnson Turtle Wax
K-Mart University of Chicago Hospitals
Leaps and Bounds Value City Department Stores
Learning Curve Vics Vapor Rub


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